Baby Gates

Your little one just started crawling and is everywhere!! It went from your baby being confined to one area such as the play pad, bouncer, or swing and they wouldn’t move unless you moved them which made baby easy to watch. For any parent this is one extreme to the other!

This is when you have to break out the baby gates and outlet plug covers. Pick everything up from the lower floor level and basically making your home child proof.

The baby gates we found most helpful for us were the Regalo easy step walk through gate. They are 41″ tall and up to 40″ wide made of steel not plastic. Which you can find on Amazon for around $34.99.


Now keep in mind that some baby gates you can’t walk through, you either have to step over or take them off. That was definitely helpful information for us when that time came to buying baby gates. Another perk on having these tall gates were because of the two greyhound dogs we have. This kept both of them out of the baby space.

The other step was to child proof all the outlets.

outlet covers

These simple outlet plug covers did the job! My son till this day(21mo) hasn’t even messed with them or tried pulling them out. I found these at my local target for $3 for 36ct. If it does the job and doesn’t cost much that makes this mom happy!





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