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Maternity clothes

I personally loved shopping at my local motherhood maternity store. They always had cute maternity clothes that made me feel great with my growing belly. Maternity clothes can get pricy, so I tried to stay in my clothes as long as I could but eventually started buying maternity.

One little trick to wearing my jeans or shorts longer was to use one of my hair ties. I would wrap one end around the button and the other end I would loop through the pant hole and back around to the button. It was easy and this would allow for extra belly room without buttoning my jeans. It worked really well and no one could tell.

After that extra room with the hair tie ran out I then started wearing a belly band. I had one in nude and black and all I would do is cover the unbuttoned or unzipped part of my jeans and again you couldn’t tell that my jeans weren’t buttoned or zipped. Loved it!

belly band
Then after all that my belly and booty no longer fit in my pre pregnancy jeans so I ended up buying a pair or two of dark denim maternity jeans which looked great! I have to say it was nice being mostly pregnant in the fall during the cooler weather.

Newborn clothes

Newborn clothes are oh so cute and tiny but your newborn will grow out of them quicker than any other size! So if you can restrain from buying to many newborn sizes do so. I accepted any hand me downs and bought a few bulk sets of newborn onsies. Before I knew it my newborn was wearing the next size up 3-6mo! Thats when I started my real shopping =)! Because even if that size was a little big I knew he would grow into it. This follows for all sizes, they will grow into it eventually. So if its a little big now worries.

Same thing goes for diapers! They will grow out of newborn diapers and into size one before you know it! So if you plan for a diaper shower request for sizes 2 and up this way all you have to focus on are buying a few newborn and size one boxes. As for sizes 2 and up your baby will be in those longer in which you will need plenty of what you can get.

So remember don’t hesitate to ask family or friends who also have children if they have any newborn clothes they can spare!

Where to find great deals on baby/toddler shoes, clothes and more!

As a mom we are always looking for great deals right??

What I have come to find out are that baby/toddler shoes are VERY expensive. NOT only that but they will wear an adorable pair of shoes two or three times before their feet outgrow them! I have had that moment where I said Ahhhhhh I spent how much on these shoes and now he can’t wear them anymore?! why are they so tiny and expensive???

SO I have discovered a great site for great deals on shoes, clothes and toys! The magical words are they send you emails daily on their new deals and they literally carry everything you need for your child or yourself!


You MUST check this out, all you have to do is sign up. It is not spam trust me and if you don’t like it just unsubscribe. I guarantee you will find deals that you won’t want to pass up.

I have purchased some cute shoes and clothes for my son. Shoes have cost me anywhere from 4.99-$12.99. Hurley T’s from 9.99-12.99. Its all great quality! Trust me, I was a little skeptical because I had never shopped this site and it wasn’t recommend to me so I didn’t know what the quality of the product would be once it arrived at my door. Well I have to tell you I have been very happy with all my purchases and I get so many compliments on my son outfits that look pricey but aren’t! Now the only downside is there are no returns and shipping can take a little longer than expected(up to a month on certain products). Zulily does send you a shipment email and tracking. So hang in there once you receive your product its great and you will enjoy it! Its a savings worth waiting for!