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Hair thinning out after baby!

Hello mommy’s to be or maybe you’re already a mommy, well beware because what happened to me can happen to you. I am a first time mommy and my hair started thinning and falling out after I had my son. What is going on I thought??

Well with all the nutrients that are sucked out of you during the pregnancy process and your hormones going bazzurk this could be one of the wonderful mommy perks. So I found some great products that helped my hair on growing back. Let me fill you in! Its called biotin & collagen by Organix. Its a shampoo and conditioner that are recommend to be used together for best results. If you live in Texas you can find them at your local HEB if you don’t have an HEB you can find this product anywhere from Amazon, Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart for as low as 5.79 per bottle.


Another great product to use with the shampoo and conditioner is the biotin and collagen amplifying lotion.


This is a leave in product after washing your hair. Again, I was determined to get my hair back and by adding this product into the mix helped speed up the process! It took about 3mo to see the best results. Plus it smells great!