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Not a green thumb?

I love planting beautiful flowers in the garden but apparently I do not have a green thumb because all my plants have a tendency of dying! I water them when needed and feel like I am taking care of them pretty well, so whats wrong?? Why are they dying?? Well I finally found something that works for me. Cactus and succulents!

What is awesome about these little succulents is that they grow fast! With little to no watering they basically maintain themselves. Its perfect for my yard and climate and they just look beautiful. Some of these succulents bloom flowers and some just have vibrant colors.

Cactus also look beautiful but I have always avoided the thorny varieties because of my two year old. I did recently find this gem called the bunny ear cactus(shown below) and thought it would be kid-safe because there were no visible thorns.



What I didn’t realize was that the little yellow fibers were actually sharp fiberglass like thorns! So buyer beware my husband and I learned our lesson! It took lots of duck tape and patience to get all of them out our hands and arms. Ouch! Thats was prickly as I got, otherwise, they have all sorts to choose from at your local garden nursery or chain stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Price range can vary from $1.99 and up.

I have purchased many varieties of succulents for a little over a year now with great success.  As an added bonus, they even make babies that you can take and easily repot leaving you with multiples that make great gifts!



Love straightening your hair?

I do! I have come to find one of the best hot irons that I have ever used! I love my Paul Mitchell Smooth flat iron, its feels great on my strands. Literally it feels smooth no joke! I have personally used hot irons that pull my hair and it just doesn’t feel like its doing the job. With this one, just one stroke and my hair is straight but again depending on how curly your natural hair is it might take more than one stroke. You can adjust your own heat temperature setting and it heats up quickly!

My hair stylist uses this on me and I had to buy it! I recommend this to all the ladies out there that are in need of a great flat iron! SO if your still searching for the right this is it!

flat iron

A quick polish during nap times

After becoming a mom the little things you use to do for yourself become a little harder. One of those things for me was polishing my nails. Simple as that right? Well I realized its not so simple. When am I going to have time to do that? Your main focus is your baby. Everything evolves around this new little guy. So going to a nail salon wasn’t going to happen for me, that was the last thing on my mind to do. Plus, I have always been one to polish my own nails. Its fun and it gives me mommy time!

That mommy time was during nap time! I’m sure your saying how do you polish your nails and have them dried by the time baby is up??

Here are a few tips to having those nails dried in no time!

-Nicole Opi drying drops works wonders! Just a drop or two and my nails would dry after just a few minutes! Yet even though they were dry to the touch I wouldn’t go crazy doing dishes or making the bed. I would still give it that extra time to be 100% dry if I could.

drying drops

-Ice water helps. After polishing your nails dip them in a little container of ice water and leave them in for about 5 minutes or however long you can handle, as it helps speed up that dry time!

ice water

-One last trick I’ve tried is Pam cooking spray! Just spray over your polish and let it sit for a few minutes and then wash off. Your nails should be dry! I have no clue why this works but it does and leaves your fingers feeling smooth.


So after that nap was over, it was back to our little routine and of course that is when I felt tired and wanted to nap but couldn’t because he was already up. Thats how it works right, when mommy wants to nap she can’t BUT at least I got my nails polished!

P.S Getting your toes polished is a whole other nap time!! =)