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Workout while pregnant???

Hello ladies have no fear! It does a body good to workout when your pregnant. I just found out that I am pregnant with my second child!! I am very excited and wasn’t sure about continuing my workout. I have a gym membership that only does a circuit training workout with cardio in between. I’ve been going for about 6mo now and I love going! Plus I feel like being in my 30s it gets harder to loose the weight, so I want to continue going for my own good and health.


My trainers are very helpful and modify my workouts for me and I still leave feeling like I got a great workout in. I’m sore the next day and it’s a double whammy because of being pregnant and workout soreness…awesome!! It’s a great feeling though.

Working out while pregnant has many perks. It’s easier on labor and helps your body to bounce back quicker. I wish I had exercised in some sort of fashion with my first born but I have to be honest I didn’t do anything other than walking a block or two a handful of times during the 9months.

With this second pregnancy I feel a difference already because I’ve been working out before getting pregnant and have continued working out. I am not as tired as I was during my first to where all I wanted to do was sleep. The big difference now is I have more energy. I feel more confident!


Since I’ve spoken with my doctor and trainers about my workout regimen they have made me feel extra confident. So don’t be afraid that your going to hurt your baby just be cautious and do what you can. Your body will tell you otherwise and if so stop and take breaks and a breather. No one is judging you! You do what you can and feel great about yourself. Remember being pregnant isn’t the easiest thing and we gain x amount of weight during the pregnancy that we don’t want but we don’t have a choice. So let’s be some strong women and make the best of it! Be pregnant, be healthy, love yourself and love your life!

heart rate

A few great tips while working out:


2. Monitor your heart rate

3. Drink lots of water

4. Don’t do any abdominal exercises that will add any types of pressure to the baby area

5.Don’t lie on your back during your second & third trimester


A small start to looking good after baby!

When your child is sick and can’t breath clearly

When my son first got sick he had a runny nose. I used those rubber nasal suction that I had got from the hospital rubberaspiratorand figured that would work at getting all the snot out. Well come to find out they did more damage with poking and irritating my sons nose. This made mommy feel bad and I needed a better solution to clearing out my sons nasal passages.

As a mom we want our babies to be comfortable and feeling better in no time. Plus a baby can’t tell us whats bothering them so we have to do what we think is best in comforting them.

This momma ditched the rubber nasal suction and discovered NoseFrida which you can purchase anywhere from $15-$20! When you look this product up you’re going to be in for a surprise as to how it works!


How it works is one end goes into babies nose and unlike those hospital nasal suction where that pointy end can go all the way up their little nose making it uncomfortable, this nosefrida only goes in at the tip of the nose. The other end goes in mommy or daddys mouth, yes that right it goes into your mouth and you suction up the nasal snot. NOW the snot does not make it in your mouth lol it gets trapped into the aspirator and there you have it! It works well and and really gets all that snot out!

The things a parent will do for their child! This nasal aspirator is a great product that any parent can continue to use on their baby/toddler at least until they are at the age to figure out how to blow their own nose.

What helps with that dreadful teething stage

Oh boy don’t we all enjoy this stage. Some moms are more fortunate than others that their baby doesn’t have fussy days or sleepless nights because of teething. But I doubt their aren’t to many of those moms. While most moms are pulling their hair out not knowing what to do.

As a new mom I didn’t want to dose my child up with medication to me that is the last resort. My son was 5mo when his first tooth broke through and I wasn’t to crazy about giving him Tylenol to just ease the pain. Can you imagine how many doses I would have to have given him if this were the case! Its a long teething stage they go through, because its not like they need to break through just two or three teeth, there is a mouth full that need to come through. So I wanted to go through the homeopathic route for soothing and comfort.

Therefore, I bought Hylands homeopathic teething tablets.


They worked well and helped with any discomfort. Bingo! I thought. This along with a few teething toys helped get through the tough times! Plus Hylands makes several products for babies, so check it out!

Need an extra? Well this two were some of my favorite teething toys. The Sassy sucker(all I would do is stick some ice inside and let him suck away!)


and Sophia the Giraffe!


Again you will find what works best for your child, its all about trial and error! BUT You can and will get through this stage moms and so will baby!!