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Adjustable beds are the best!

These beds aren’t just considered hospital beds. These are beds that any age group could use. When I was pregnant my adjustable bed made a world of difference. As a first time mom I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it was going to be getting a good night sleep. As the months went by my belly got bigger and with this bed I could have it slightly adjusted at the head and feet to feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also helped a lot with acid reflex that I got towards the last few months of my pregnancy.

What’s terrible is once you sleep with an adjustable bed you will know when your sleeping flat and it’s not as comfortable! You become a sleep snob! Now I’m sure your thinking what about your significant other, will they like sleeping with their head and feet slightly up? The answer is yes! Anyone will feel a wonderful difference! My husband and I are in our 30s and we love it! We recommend it to all of our friends and family. It is costly but it’s worth every penny and you will have it forever, trust me you will not want to get rid of it. After all sleep is one of the most important things you need in your life! Yet after baby you don’t get much of it hahah!

PreNatal Vitamins

Ok mommy’s to be I have to admit that throughout my whole pregnancy I took the gummy vitamins. Other than taking the doctor prescribed vitamins she said that the gummy ones were just as great as long as it had all the required amounts of DHA, iron, folic acid etc. which she checked and they did! SO if you aren’t enjoying the prescribed pre-natal vitamins ask your doctor if its ok to just take the gummy ones! Trust me they are a lot easier to take and yummy!

prenatal vit

I also took calcium chewable tablets for added calcium and these too were easier on the tummy! Along with an added DHA pill!

calcium chew dha

This was my first baby and by not taking the doctor prescribed prenatal vitamins I was ok with it as long as I was taking a prenatal with the right amounts of what I needed during my pregnancy along with the added vitamins! =) Trust me my husband and I made sure that our little one was getting all the nutrients he needed to grow big and strong!

So again don’t be don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for another option if the prescribed ones are to harsh or don’t settle well for you.

Baby Gates

Your little one just started crawling and is everywhere!! It went from your baby being confined to one area such as the play pad, bouncer, or swing and they wouldn’t move unless you moved them which made baby easy to watch. For any parent this is one extreme to the other!

This is when you have to break out the baby gates and outlet plug covers. Pick everything up from the lower floor level and basically making your home child proof.

The baby gates we found most helpful for us were the Regalo easy step walk through gate. They are 41″ tall and up to 40″ wide made of steel not plastic. Which you can find on Amazon for around $34.99.


Now keep in mind that some baby gates you can’t walk through, you either have to step over or take them off. That was definitely helpful information for us when that time came to buying baby gates. Another perk on having these tall gates were because of the two greyhound dogs we have. This kept both of them out of the baby space.

The other step was to child proof all the outlets.

outlet covers

These simple outlet plug covers did the job! My son till this day(21mo) hasn’t even messed with them or tried pulling them out. I found these at my local target for $3 for 36ct. If it does the job and doesn’t cost much that makes this mom happy!