Crock pot liners!

What a great invention! Crock pot liners help prevent that dirty sticky mess inside of your crockpot once your meal is done. I love to make cheese dip inside my crockpot and I would have to soak it over the night just so all the cheese would come off easily. It would leave a mess. Now with these liners you just slip one inside your crockpot and place whatever meal your making inside, let it cook and bam its ready! This plastic liner does not leave your food tasting any different its amazing!
Best of all just pull that bag up and throw it in the trash. There is a little cleaning up to do but not nearly as bad without it. I don’t know that I will ever cook a meal without using one. They are available at your local grocery store, I find mine where the zip lock and trash bags are.
crock pot liners
Roast recipe
1-Shoulder Roast, spice it up as desired
1-can of tomato sauce, you can pour some on the bottom before placing the roast in crockpot, I also like to place a few bell pepper slices below and on top to soften the meat while it cooks
1-bag of pre-washed small baby carrots
1-bag of pre-washed celery sticks, cut into bite size pieces
1-bag of small red potatoes, cut these in half if you want
2 or 3 red and green bell peppers, slice them up
then just simply dump everything in together and cover!
I usually leave for work, so I do this first thing in the morning and leave it cooking all day till i get home. I usually leave it on high depending on how big the roast is but you can probably cook on low all day and maybe pick it up to high when you get home if its not cooked.
P.S don’t forget your crock pot liner!!!

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