Eating Healthy when on the Go

Being a busy housewife often has me eating on the fly. To stay healthy, I often will stock my refrigerator with premade meals for the entire week that are easily heated up in the microwave. However, often times I find myself in a situation where I’m out of the house and am practically forced to eat fast food. Fast food restaurants have come a long way in helping healthy minded people to cheat a little bit on their diet while still being somewhat healthy.

I found an awesome blog post in a fitness magazine that talks about some healthy fast food alternatives that can be consumed when you are on the go and still trying to watch your diet. I have personally tried many of the menu items listed, and found most of them to be quite good and have some great healthy aspects to them. I have listed below my top five favorite healthy fast food menu items.


Taco Bells are everywhere, and I have found that the fresco menu is actually quite healthy. The tacos and burritos are quite filling and are light in the calorie and fat department. Whether you want a burrito or a taco, the fresco items get rid of the cheese, sour cream and guacamole. These items are replaced by lettuce, light fresco sauce and pico de gallo. Typically you’re looking at under 500 cal for a menu item and under 11 g of fat.

Believe it or not, McDonald’s actually made my list of top five favorite healthy menu items. The premium Caesar salad with grilled chicken has only 375 cal and under 10 g of fat. This is when it is paired with low-fat balsamic vinaigrette and fruit and yogurt parfait. They do also have a pretty good grilled honey mustard snack wrap that is a 480 calories when it is paired with small French fries. This particular combo does come in at just a shade under 20 g of fat.

I really love chicken, but I cannot always find it grilled when I’m on the go. KFC or Kentucky fried chicken actually has a few many items that are quite healthy this includes therefore piece hot wings and sweet kernel corn, coming in at a whopping 380 cal and 16 g of fat. They do carry or offer a grilled chicken breasts with mashed potatoes not including any gravy and this is just around 300 cal and 10 g of fat.

Another chicken alternative is the four piece chicken nuggets that is offered by Burger King and it comes in at 200 cal and 11 g of fat. Although the chicken nuggets are quite tasty, I have found that only four chicken nuggets does not do a whole lot for keeping me full for very long. And from the same restaurant I have found that the whopper Junior without mayonnaise with onion rings comes in at 410 cal and 18 g of fat. Sometimes you just want to Burger, and this one is surprisingly low in calories and fat compared to other fast food chains.

Some other tips that I have found work quite well when eating on the go and ordering from a fast food restaurant is to either skip the condiments or dip lightly. While a ketchup packet only has 10 cal, a package of honey mustard or barbecue sauce contains between 50 and 60 cal. You can also think small in order something off a kids menu. Kids menus are surprisingly satisfactory even though the portions are much smaller. Trying to eat healthy on the go is not always easy, but doing a little research and making smarter decisions will lead to a healthier lifestyle even when on the go.


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