Not a green thumb?

I love planting beautiful flowers in the garden but apparently I do not have a green thumb because all my plants have a tendency of dying! I water them when needed and feel like I am taking care of them pretty well, so whats wrong?? Why are they dying?? Well I finally found something that works for me. Cactus and succulents!

What is awesome about these little succulents is that they grow fast! With little to no watering they basically maintain themselves. Its perfect for my yard and climate and they just look beautiful. Some of these succulents bloom flowers and some just have vibrant colors.

Cactus also look beautiful but I have always avoided the thorny varieties because of my two year old. I did recently find this gem called the bunny ear cactus(shown below) and thought it would be kid-safe because there were no visible thorns.



What I didn’t realize was that the little yellow fibers were actually sharp fiberglass like thorns! So buyer beware my husband and I learned our lesson! It took lots of duck tape and patience to get all of them out our hands and arms. Ouch! Thats was prickly as I got, otherwise, they have all sorts to choose from at your local garden nursery or chain stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Price range can vary from $1.99 and up.

I have purchased many varieties of succulents for a little over a year now with great success.  As an added bonus, they even make babies that you can take and easily repot leaving you with multiples that make great gifts!



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