Maternity clothes

I personally loved shopping at my local motherhood maternity store. They always had cute maternity clothes that made me feel great with my growing belly. Maternity clothes can get pricy, so I tried to stay in my clothes as long as I could but eventually started buying maternity.

One little trick to wearing my jeans or shorts longer was to use one of my hair ties. I would wrap one end around the button and the other end I would loop through the pant hole and back around to the button. It was easy and this would allow for extra belly room without buttoning my jeans. It worked really well and no one could tell.

After that extra room with the hair tie ran out I then started wearing a belly band. I had one in nude and black and all I would do is cover the unbuttoned or unzipped part of my jeans and again you couldn’t tell that my jeans weren’t buttoned or zipped. Loved it!

belly band
Then after all that my belly and booty no longer fit in my pre pregnancy jeans so I ended up buying a pair or two of dark denim maternity jeans which looked great! I have to say it was nice being mostly pregnant in the fall during the cooler weather.

Decorating your baby nursery

Isn’t this suppose to be a first time moms dream getting that nursery ready! Well this mom kept it kinda boring to be honest. I wanted to decorate my sons entire room with a jungle baby theme. Cute right?? Well I never got around to decorating and part of the problem was deciding what I wanted to do.

Do I want decal stickers, do I want to paint, do I want to just hang pictures???  I could not make up my mind for the life of me and now I’m actually happy I didn’t lol. Only because my son is almost two now and I think he would love a super hero theme and its something he can grow into! Im now thinking if I had done that baby jungle theme I would probably have wanted to change it all by now.

So for almost two years I’ve just had the basics in his room and it was really all I needed. The basics consist of a crib which I didn’t even have a carousel over it, changing table with three drawers beneath and a glider rocker. We also had a queen bed for my husband and I to sleep in because I had to be close to our baby and couldn’t stand the thought of being in another room without him. It all worked out except for that changing table. I truly got no use out of it because it just seemed easier for us to change him on our bed.

If I had known that before I probably wouldn’t have gotten a changing table and maybe just a small dresser because all the changing table part has become is storage which works either way. At first I felt bad that I didn’t really do much but now I’m excited to really decorate his room with something I know he will love and actually enjoy now that he’s a little older. Something he can even grow into.

So for those moms who don’t get around to decorating their baby’s room don’t worry and don’t feel bad because as they get a little older they start liking certain movie characters and toys. This makes it more fun for you to decorate around because its something they enjoy!

Is your baby sleeping with you?

As first time parents we had heard many stories of our friends and their kids sleeping with them and how uncomfortable it was for them! We told each other that that would never happen to us! Well it has happened.
Up until the first year our son slept in his crib and he slept great! Then he got sick for the first time and had dry sinuses due to his first weather change. So he couldn’t breath very well and I felt terrible and just wanted him to be in bed with us so we could keep a close eye. Now we are stuck! lol We have had some rough nights because he tosses and turns and we will get a foot or hand slap to the face. It scares us especially when we are sound asleep! Best of all those little feet digging in one of our backs all night so when we wake our back aches! Its all great right?, just grab a cup of coffee =).
So almost a year later we are going to attempt to put him back in his bed! Which I will keep you posted as to how this goes and what was the easiest and most difficult thing about this process.
I would highly recommend to try and fight this and stick to your words on not having your baby sleep with you! It is hard because they are so precious and you may give in like the rest of us. But keep in mind that they won’t be sleeping with you forever and they are only little once. Plus there is always a way to get them back in their own bed with or without a struggle. BUT If you can avoid this then perfect!!

Love straightening your hair?

I do! I have come to find one of the best hot irons that I have ever used! I love my Paul Mitchell Smooth flat iron, its feels great on my strands. Literally it feels smooth no joke! I have personally used hot irons that pull my hair and it just doesn’t feel like its doing the job. With this one, just one stroke and my hair is straight but again depending on how curly your natural hair is it might take more than one stroke. You can adjust your own heat temperature setting and it heats up quickly!

My hair stylist uses this on me and I had to buy it! I recommend this to all the ladies out there that are in need of a great flat iron! SO if your still searching for the right this is it!

flat iron

A small start to looking good after baby!

Adjustable beds are the best!

These beds aren’t just considered hospital beds. These are beds that any age group could use. When I was pregnant my adjustable bed made a world of difference. As a first time mom I didn’t realize how uncomfortable it was going to be getting a good night sleep. As the months went by my belly got bigger and with this bed I could have it slightly adjusted at the head and feet to feel more relaxed and comfortable. It also helped a lot with acid reflex that I got towards the last few months of my pregnancy.

What’s terrible is once you sleep with an adjustable bed you will know when your sleeping flat and it’s not as comfortable! You become a sleep snob! Now I’m sure your thinking what about your significant other, will they like sleeping with their head and feet slightly up? The answer is yes! Anyone will feel a wonderful difference! My husband and I are in our 30s and we love it! We recommend it to all of our friends and family. It is costly but it’s worth every penny and you will have it forever, trust me you will not want to get rid of it. After all sleep is one of the most important things you need in your life! Yet after baby you don’t get much of it hahah!

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