Baby nail care

As first time parents my husband and I didn’t know any better and we would always use those cute little hand mittens to cover our sons hands because we were worried that he would scratch himself in the face/eyes. Im sure as any parent would think to do that.


So at our first pediatrician visit I asked. Are mittens ok to use and for how long? How do I clip my babies nails? and what was the best way because I was so worried I would clip my babies skin. He said that I as a mom would have to just go for it and do my best because if I kept putting mittens on his hands that would keep baby from using his hands to explore touch and feel. He recommend clipping them or using a emory board nail file. I used the clippers, I went the brave route!

nail clippers

During nap times I pulled those clippers out and started clipping his nails! He never woke up and I got the job done. Finger nails and toes! I have to admit that I did snip his skin just a little(nothing major) and he cried and I felt horrible! but in the end it wasn’t a big deal, it happened and we both got over it. So don’t be afraid moms, remember we can do it! we can do everything! =)

SO ever since that visit, I put the mittens away and he never used them again! I did save them, as moms we tend to save everything from our first child LOL.

When your child is sick and can’t breath clearly

When my son first got sick he had a runny nose. I used those rubber nasal suction that I had got from the hospital rubberaspiratorand figured that would work at getting all the snot out. Well come to find out they did more damage with poking and irritating my sons nose. This made mommy feel bad and I needed a better solution to clearing out my sons nasal passages.

As a mom we want our babies to be comfortable and feeling better in no time. Plus a baby can’t tell us whats bothering them so we have to do what we think is best in comforting them.

This momma ditched the rubber nasal suction and discovered NoseFrida which you can purchase anywhere from $15-$20! When you look this product up you’re going to be in for a surprise as to how it works!


How it works is one end goes into babies nose and unlike those hospital nasal suction where that pointy end can go all the way up their little nose making it uncomfortable, this nosefrida only goes in at the tip of the nose. The other end goes in mommy or daddys mouth, yes that right it goes into your mouth and you suction up the nasal snot. NOW the snot does not make it in your mouth lol it gets trapped into the aspirator and there you have it! It works well and and really gets all that snot out!

The things a parent will do for their child! This nasal aspirator is a great product that any parent can continue to use on their baby/toddler at least until they are at the age to figure out how to blow their own nose.

Hair thinning out after baby!

Hello mommy’s to be or maybe you’re already a mommy, well beware because what happened to me can happen to you. I am a first time mommy and my hair started thinning and falling out after I had my son. What is going on I thought??

Well with all the nutrients that are sucked out of you during the pregnancy process and your hormones going bazzurk this could be one of the wonderful mommy perks. So I found some great products that helped my hair on growing back. Let me fill you in! Its called biotin & collagen by Organix. Its a shampoo and conditioner that are recommend to be used together for best results. If you live in Texas you can find them at your local HEB if you don’t have an HEB you can find this product anywhere from Amazon, Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart for as low as 5.79 per bottle.


Another great product to use with the shampoo and conditioner is the biotin and collagen amplifying lotion.


This is a leave in product after washing your hair. Again, I was determined to get my hair back and by adding this product into the mix helped speed up the process! It took about 3mo to see the best results. Plus it smells great!

What helps with that dreadful teething stage

Oh boy don’t we all enjoy this stage. Some moms are more fortunate than others that their baby doesn’t have fussy days or sleepless nights because of teething. But I doubt their aren’t to many of those moms. While most moms are pulling their hair out not knowing what to do.

As a new mom I didn’t want to dose my child up with medication to me that is the last resort. My son was 5mo when his first tooth broke through and I wasn’t to crazy about giving him Tylenol to just ease the pain. Can you imagine how many doses I would have to have given him if this were the case! Its a long teething stage they go through, because its not like they need to break through just two or three teeth, there is a mouth full that need to come through. So I wanted to go through the homeopathic route for soothing and comfort.

Therefore, I bought Hylands homeopathic teething tablets.


They worked well and helped with any discomfort. Bingo! I thought. This along with a few teething toys helped get through the tough times! Plus Hylands makes several products for babies, so check it out!

Need an extra? Well this two were some of my favorite teething toys. The Sassy sucker(all I would do is stick some ice inside and let him suck away!)


and Sophia the Giraffe!


Again you will find what works best for your child, its all about trial and error! BUT You can and will get through this stage moms and so will baby!!

Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag?

So as a mommy to be you have had a good 8mo to getting all the important baby essentials and getting the adorable baby room ready and the last thing is packing that hospital bag. I remember I wanted my own hospital gown, blanket and pillow along with some magazines to read. WELL let me tell you all that is out the door once you step into that hospital!

What to pack you ask?

This is going to sound silly…..chapstick, I know your probably saying to yourself ‘chapstick?’ but yes its a plus! I don’t know what I would have done without my Burt’s bees
I’m just guessing its from breathing and ‘trying’ to relax yourself that your lips dry up quick. I used this several times and made sure my husband had it with him for when I needed it.

A good pair of house slippers. After baby you will need to eventually get up and move around the hospital for your own good and some comfy slippers were easy on the feet.


Some under garments and a nice pair of comfy clothes for when you leave the hospital.

Oh and don’t forget about daddy! Make sure he has plenty of snacks and drinks so they can be as energized as possible. They too will get no time for breaks or sleep. Ok maybe 30-45min of sleep but thats it. =)

So in the end you can pack as you wish but keep those three in mind for yourself. These are the three main necessities that I am glad I had with me. I didn’t once look at a magazine or put on a full face of make-up, just some powder and I just used the hospital gown they gave me. Trust me I have always been one to overpack but just think, you are going to have everything supplied to you from the hospital, so why worry about anything else. If you really need something that you realized you can’t be without that is what your family and friends are for! As your main focus now is your bundle of joy!

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