Is your baby sleeping with you?

As first time parents we had heard many stories of our friends and their kids sleeping with them and how uncomfortable it was for them! We told each other that that would never happen to us! Well it has happened.
Up until the first year our son slept in his crib and he slept great! Then he got sick for the first time and had dry sinuses due to his first weather change. So he couldn’t breath very well and I felt terrible and just wanted him to be in bed with us so we could keep a close eye. Now we are stuck! lol We have had some rough nights because he tosses and turns and we will get a foot or hand slap to the face. It scares us especially when we are sound asleep! Best of all those little feet digging in one of our backs all night so when we wake our back aches! Its all great right?, just grab a cup of coffee =).
So almost a year later we are going to attempt to put him back in his bed! Which I will keep you posted as to how this goes and what was the easiest and most difficult thing about this process.
I would highly recommend to try and fight this and stick to your words on not having your baby sleep with you! It is hard because they are so precious and you may give in like the rest of us. But keep in mind that they won’t be sleeping with you forever and they are only little once. Plus there is always a way to get them back in their own bed with or without a struggle. BUT If you can avoid this then perfect!!

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