Maternity clothes

I personally loved shopping at my local motherhood maternity store. They always had cute maternity clothes that made me feel great with my growing belly. Maternity clothes can get pricy, so I tried to stay in my clothes as long as I could but eventually started buying maternity.

One little trick to wearing my jeans or shorts longer was to use one of my hair ties. I would wrap one end around the button and the other end I would loop through the pant hole and back around to the button. It was easy and this would allow for extra belly room without buttoning my jeans. It worked really well and no one could tell.

After that extra room with the hair tie ran out I then started wearing a belly band. I had one in nude and black and all I would do is cover the unbuttoned or unzipped part of my jeans and again you couldn’t tell that my jeans weren’t buttoned or zipped. Loved it!

belly band
Then after all that my belly and booty no longer fit in my pre pregnancy jeans so I ended up buying a pair or two of dark denim maternity jeans which looked great! I have to say it was nice being mostly pregnant in the fall during the cooler weather.

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